Wennberg International Collaborative Policy Conference -

Reducing avoidable variation in Healthcare

A goal for regional strategies and actions

14th-15th April 2016 – Pisa






Wenneberg international collaborative

Dartmouth Intitute



brochureUnwarranted variation in health care utilization reflects important differences in population access, quality, and outcomes that cannot be explained by population differences. Therefore, the question is: what can be done to reduce it?
Geographic variation in health care among both large (countries and regions) and small areas (hospital service areas) has been found to occur across all dimensions of performance, including quality, access and utilization.
Increasingly research is shifting from assessing variation to using the findings to improve care. It is crucial to develop policies, management tools and governance models that can be effective and efficient in reducing unwarranted variation within a healthcare system.

This WIC international conference calls for moving from the detection to the management of unwarranted variation within regional healthcare systems. In particular, this conference is expected to address the following questions: Which tools are proven to support managers and policy-makers in reducing variation? Which are the are the outcomes of efforts to reduce unwarranted variation at the regional level? What can we learn from these initiatives? How can performance evaluation be leveraged to increase awareness among policy-makers about geographic variations?
This conference will discuss the approaches to answering the above questions.
The conference will be organized around three themes:
• avoidable variation: the clinical perspective
• avoidable variation: the patient perspective
• avoidable variation: the organizational and institutional perspective
• avoidable variation in primary care setting

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